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Millennial style may be phasing out, but Gen Z looks are all the rage. When you are on the cusp of the two generations, where do you fit in? Are you more of a leggings and skinny jeans gal, or do you prefer something vintage and trendy? This video is all about finding which of these trends is the right fit for you. Shop secondhand to find pieces that represent both looks. You may even discover that you like to pull a bit of inspiration from each. Because of the clever idea behind this video, you may find confidence in the look you choose or discover something new to add to your wardrobe.
Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels
The 2000s, an era full of aesthetics, vintage tees, and low waist jeans. Yeah, it's been 20 years and no fashion trend looks better than Y2K. I'm pretty sure that each and every one of us wishes to go back to those times. This video is full of vintage thrifts, an inspiration for you when online shopping. Search in online boutiques and come across fashion articles embodying the style of the 2000s. Thanks to the inspiration from this video, you will detect such clothes with a 2000s look in no time.
Photo by Dinielle De Veyra from Pexels
What causes people to have flattering and clashing colours for their skin tone? How can you even determine which shades are best for you? This short 4-minute video has got all the answers to these questions! It perfectly describes the relationship of colours, explaining which hue you are, which shades suit you best to which ones actually look amazing on any skin tone. Definitely don't skip these tips if you have never heard about them before. It would be a shame not to highlight your natural features the best way possible!
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels
Have you ever wondered about how fashion for teenage girls used to look like? And even if you have a visual imagination of teen wear based on older movies, what do you know about the origin of any fashion terms and pieces of clothing? In this short video, we will take a look back at the last hundred years of fashion for teenage girls. When did girls begin wearing jeans? Where did the term teenage come from? Glamour covered all of this with many other facts about trends we no longer know about, which may be interesting not only to know about but also to inspire from.
Photo by Hannah Skelly on Unsplash
Have you ever dreamed of going on a hiking trip but didn’t know where to start? In this video, Amanda will show her backpacking gear and clothing she packed for a 4-day trip through a canyon in Arizona. Not only does the video introduce core items needed for such an occasion, but also additional ones based on location and weather, which can always be unique for hiking or backpacking. Of course, every item she mentioned is listed in the description. This will definitely help you organize your future adventure better!
Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash
One more month of summer is ahead of us which means that there is still plenty of time to try out new looks of yours. This video brings you 16 casual and dressy summer outfits that you will definitely love! Since there is a chance you feel like you have nothing to wear at this point, we’ve got your back with new inspiration! All pieces of clothing appearing in the video are listed in the video description so that you can update your wardrobe right away.
Photo by Simona Todorova on Unsplash
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