Dark Fall Fashions

Dark Fall Fashions

As the weather changes and the sunny days give way to long nights and holidays surrounding spirits from beyond are upon us, it’s time to start dressing in your favorite dark fall fashions. 

Dark Fall Fashions

I have pieces like this in my wardrobe, and a stylish outfit for the season like it would be super easy for you to recreate at home! 

Confession time:

love vintage and thrift store shopping. It’s my total jam! Whenever I have the time, you can always find me in my favorite thrift stores scouring for the best deals and treasures. I have a favorite black shift dress from the ’60s or ’70s I purchased in a vintage shop some years back. However, I’ve seen styles like it in stores for years since. You could find something similar online in a heartbeat for achieving dark fall fashions.

black shift dress from the ’60s or ’70s

Wide-brim, wool hats have been popular for the last few years, and there’s a reason. They’re universally flattering on everyone and every face shape! Plus, these hats are so warm for the upcoming winter months ahead. Get yourself one. You’ll thank me later. 

Wide-brim, wool hats have been popular for the last few years, and there’s a reason

Finally, who doesn’t love a great ankle boot? I have multiple pairs in a variety of colors, but classic black is always the very best, especially during the late fall and into the winter season. It’s such a classic look. They go beautifully with the witchy vibes of this look, and they’re so much fun to wear. I find them to be so comfortable. I love ankle boots because I love some height to a shoe, but I need some support when I’m on my feet for a while. A chunky boot gives me that! 

Fun fall fashion looks are easy to attain. Make them yours, and have a good time. It’s all about playing in your wardrobe and having a blast! 


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