From Sweatpants To Presentable – End Your Pandemic Rut

Full body shot of comfortable jeans with casual top to look presentable

The pandemic has hit each and every one of us and it has hit us hard. Beyond the obvious difficulties, our style choices have really faltered. But, you can go from sweatpants to presentable without too much work.

Instead of cute trendy vibes, we have all been showing off our lazy looks with sweatpants and stains as the main features.

As the weather warms up and the vaccine becomes more readily available we’ll be able to go out on the town once again. But jumping right into presentable from comfy can be a bit of a transition.

Instead of going from pajamas to cocktail dresses and heels, take a smoother approach with a comfortable yet presentable look.

Go from sweatpants to presentable
Full body shot of comfortable jeans with casual top to look presentable

When you are finally breaking out of your sweatpants, jeans sound like the worst thing in the world. But, if you choose a pair of jeans with a fair amount of stretch, the transition won’t be so intense. Plus, stretchy denim tends to be thinner which makes them perfect for the early days of spring where it is cooler in the morning and warmer in the afternoon.

Also, a high-waisted style of jeans helps to define your body shape that has been trapped in shapeless sweats for more than a year. They are also easier to wear as they lay on top of the hips, meaning you don’t need a belt to hold them up. Going for a mom jean style also keeps your legs free for movement, unlike skinny jeans that often constrict you.

Perfect look: High-waisted jeans with an oversized tugged-in t-shirt and a trendy jacket

You don’t need to jump right into wearing strappy blouses. Go from sweatpants to presentable by instead choosing your favorite oversized band t-shirt and tie it up or tuck it in to create a flattering shape. Your pandemic fashion rut may have gotten you accustomed to cotton and loose-fitting clothes but you don’t need to entirely break away from that to look presentable.

Top your look with a lightweight jacket that pulls the look together and makes simple jeans and a t-shirt into something more sophisticated. Also, choosing a comfortable yet simple bootie will amp up this outfit from casual to presentable for many occasions.

Full body shot with wider pose of comfortable yet presentable outfit featuring jeans and a t-shirt to look just fine

Recreate this look

Pieces to pull from your closet:
– Stretchy and comfortable jeans
– Your favorite t-shirt you can crop, tie, or tuck in
– A trendy jacket and some simple boots
Any wash of denim will work for this look but light washes with some distressed details tend to be more comfortable.


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