The Cutest Fall Style For Staying Cozy

Leather Jacket and jeans with scarf for fall outfit

t is that time of year again. You wake up chilly. The heat comes on. And you cannot wait for that first sip of piping hot coffee. Now, your fashion needs to make that transition as well. You’ll want the cutest fall style for staying cozy and on-trend.

Based on the forecast, this fall and winter are set to be brutal. Fall isn’t as brisk as it once was. This year, those fall outfits need to be more than cute, but practical too. Beat the breeze and stay warm while killing it with your personal style.

The Warm Cozy Fall Style

Leather Jacket and jeans with scarf for fall outfit

Styling the perfect fall outfit can be difficult. You want to stay warm, but not look so bundled up that you seem shapeless. Choosing layers and different textures can take a cozy look and make it chic. A faux leather jacket will always keep you warm but never goes out of style. You can opt for a color or stick with the classic black.  Choosing a jacket with a cropped shape will define the waist, but a longer one will offer a more ’90s grunge vibe. You then want to make sure to match your accessories to that staple piece. Your shoes and belt should be the same or similar in color.

Fall outfit featuring a monochrome scarf
Even though this look isn’t the most colorful, monochrome is in for autumn. Mixing up the pure black with blue jeans, a lighter top and a warm-colored scarf that has shades of tan adds warmth to the tone of this fall style. I decided on this striped scarf because it is versatile. It can be worn around the neck or loose how I’ve shown here. The bright cream in the scarf also gives the full look more interest instead of keeping everything dark.

Dark fall outfit with boots and scarf
Recreate This Look

Items to pull from your closet:
– a faux leather jacket
– jeans and a large scarf
– a belt and booties
You can choose any color palette you like, but I’d recommend mixing some dark and light shades for more intrigue.


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