Comfy and Fashionable Summer Outfits of 2021


As summer has arrived we start to ask ourselves whether we are truly ready for the upcoming sunny days.

No doubt do we all desire to look fashionable as well as feel comfy. Clothy72 displays the best influencer fashion looks so you can dress up in your favorite influencer’s fashion look at sale prices!

Just like that you can find inspiration and get purchase the look right away.

Comfy and Fashionable Summer Outfits of 2021

The first fashion style of Caroline Chappel (INSTAGRAM) definitely meets the criteria of a perfect summer outfit. Caroline has chosen a minimal look consisting of a white top and shorts, combining this set with a light green blouse.

We have found a similar green jacket that would fit perfectly: GREEN JACKET. Purchase the white top and shorts at a hot sale here: WHITE TOP & SHORTS. To finish the outfit off, she has chosen chic sandals, a modern handbag, and necklaces. You can find the handbag at a delightful price here: HANDBAG.


The second look of hers is even more stylish. The main color here is bright pink. She has chosen an interesting dress with cut-out details and we have found a very cute replacement at an amazing discount: SATIN PINK DRESS with trumpet sleeves.

Wearing it with a cute pink bag and also adorable sandals with stripes wrapped around her ankles, the outfit becomes simply gorgeous not only for special events but casual wear too. Get the sandals with stripes at a staggeringly low price: SANDALS.


Last but not least, the third look of Catherine Aujong (INSTAGRAM) is a trendy green jumpsuit combined with white boots. Here you can find a cute tie shoulder jumpsuit at a perfect price and as a perfect replacement: JUMPSUIT. An amazing choice for a late-night out when the weather is chilly yet pleasant.


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