Express your Style with Jewellery – A Simple Guide

A beautiful combination of rings

Jewellery has a history of millenniums; Cleopatra used to wear great pieces of jewelry to show her wealth and beauty. For me, jewelry is a way to express myself and indicate my style. In this article, you will discover my choices and style that may become a source of inspiration for you.


A beautiful combination of rings

I own quite a few rings and I love to mix and match them according to my daily outfit and mood; from simple silver ones to big gemstones, rings are my “kryptonite”. You can also play with colors, as there are great options out there for you to choose from; silver, gold, rose gold, and more.

Earrings & Necklaces

Jewelry style - A wonderful necklace

My second favorite, but never missed, piece of jewelry is earrings and neck chains. I love silver and gold hoops, from small ones for daily casual outfits to big fancy ones for nights out. There are so many options here as well, that I can’t even begin to list. My favorite casual outfit is jeans and a shirt, followed by my silver rings and little ear hoops or studs. And if you have more than one ear piercing, you can mix and match. Silver and gold look great together.

For the neck, I usually go with a plain chain or one with a little pendant. And if you want to elevate your outfit and make it more formal, you could always go with a long dress, pearl necklace, and matching earrings or a pair of long earrings. For inspiration, check out this gorgeous gold pendant in the picture, made by my friend Nefertiti Workshop, that you can wear from day to night.

Body Jewls

Jewelry style - Body Jewels

Lastly, there are other types of jewelry that you could wear such as body chains. I love a good gold belly chain, matched to my favorite bikini, or maybe an ankle chain or toe ring, that would go great with my tanned skin in the summer. You don’t need to follow the crowd, just experiment with your own taste and differentiate your style. 

I always prefer handmade pieces because they are different and unique. Don’t be afraid to express yourself the way you want and stand out. 


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