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Dress For The Weather, Not The Destination

Dress For The Weather, Not The Destination

  As we enter May during this pandemic, you’ve probably noticed that the sun is staying out longer and the temperature is rising. Only problem? All this great weather and nowhere to go. But just because you can’t attend events or go out with friends doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy all the…

Staying At Home Fashion

Staying At Home Fashion

The fashion of today means staying at home The current global pandemic affected the whole way of how clothing and the fashion community have been operating. Shops are closed and shopping for clothing has moved online. As social distancing is underway, it means that there is really no change to show off clothes to others….

Cool Spring Outfits For Women In Their 30s

Cool Spring Outfits For Women In Their 30s

Cool Spring Outfits for Women in their 30s There is a saying that “age is just a number, and spring is only another time of the year”. But are they? While age doesn’t apply to style, this is because our fashion sense at 18 differs significantly with what is socially acceptable at 30. Spring isn’t…

Looking Stylish While Working From Home

Looking Stylish While Working From Home

The whole world is hit by the Coronavirus pandemic and many of us now have to work from home. Sounds great at first, right? No traffic jams, no annoying coworkers, you don’t have to do your hair and make-up… until you actually start working like that and realize that procrastination is your worst enemy and…

Discover Outfits To Help You Transition From Winter To Spring

Outfits To Help You Transition From Winter To Spring

Spring is finally upon us. That means we can pack up our scarves, drop the puffer coats, and maybe even break out our pasty legs. The thing is, although it is officially spring, the weather hasn’t exactly caught up. It can still be pretty chilly outside. So, instead of jumping right into floral skirts and…

Bright colors in fashion 2020 is the way to go

Cool New Trends For Spring/Summer 2020

Now all the fashion weeks are over, which means we saw – both on the runways and on the IT girls attending fashion shows – what will be IN this season. Here are some of the this season’s major fashion trends: Bright colors This spring and summer everything is about colors – the brighter, the…

Discover Denim Fashion: An All Time Classic

Denim: An All Time Classic

Fashion trends come and go, but as fashion circles back through the years, there’s one piece of clothing that’s been “in” since the 19thcentury and never goes out of style: denim. I trust that there is no wardrobe that misses a denim piece. But how can one make it stand out?   Denim Jackets &…

Fashion style: Beautiful girl in a bra styled top

Spring Fashion 2020

Trends that can be easily added to your wardrobe Yes, you can finally start putting away all the bulky winter clothes and make room for some new spring items that will refresh your style. In this article, I will highlight two of the best Spring 2020 trends that have dominated designer’s collections on runways presented…

Discover wedding fashion styles: Wedding Dress Colors Other Than White That Pop - Pastel color

Wedding Dress Colors Other Than White That Pop

Wedding Dress Colors Other Than White That Pop It’s the perfect day. The aisle is covered in flowers, family and friends all turn their heads to the back as the music starts playing – here comes the bride! The picture you have in your mind of the blushing bride will probably be slightly different: maybe…

Women wearing a large belt with fashionable clothes

Make Your Spring ’20 Classy

The birds are singing outside, the land is covered in greens already, and you know, that this year’s winter slowly leaves our sides. With the return of spring not only you have the desire to suddenly make a change in your life and fill it up with the sunshine, but you also most likely have…

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