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Autumn outfit consisting of vests

The Most Cozy Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

While we may be dreaming of more days filled with sunshine and warmth, the depths of autumn are in full swing. With that, it’s time to fully welcome the cozy season of this year. Warm sweaters, soft candles and hot cups of tea, the spirit of autumn brings a whole package of a perfect season…

Leather Jacket and jeans with scarf for fall outfit

The Cutest Fall Style For Staying Cozy

It is that time of year again. You wake up chilly. The heat comes on. And you cannot wait for that first sip of piping hot coffee. Now, your fashion needs to make that transition as well. You’ll want the cutest fall style for staying cozy and on-trend. Based on the forecast, this fall and…

For Fashion Trends You Love Follow Clothy72 on Instagram

Are you on the hunt for the latest and greatest fashion trends from fashion Influencers? Then, Clothy72 is the best place for you to visit. On Clothy72, you will not only find fashion and style inspiration, but you’ll also get access to sales and coupons for impressive discounts on some of the most well-known brand…

Casual & Beach Outfits To Show Off This Summer 2021

Do you have trouble choosing your bikini look? Or did you run out of outfit choices for casual wear? We have prepared two refreshing summer looks to gain inspiration from!   If you are looking for new swimwear, this look is a perfect inspiration for your beach outfit. Alexa Forbis (INSTAGRAM) has chosen an orange bikini with…

Comfy and Fashionable Summer Outfits of 2021

As summer has arrived we start to ask ourselves whether we are truly ready for the upcoming sunny days. No doubt do we all desire to look fashionable as well as feel comfy. Clothy72 displays the best influencer fashion looks so you can dress up in your favorite influencer’s fashion look at sale prices! Just…

The Best Spring 2021 Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

After a year of the fashion world being quiet, this season brings with itself numerous stylish trends. As the days become warmer, we all look forward to updating our style and changing from our everyday wear consisting of pajamas into something more appropriate for our upcoming social events. In this article, we will uncover some…

Comfy stylish outfit for spring 2021

From Sweatpants To Presentable – End Your Pandemic Rut

The pandemic has hit each and every one of us and it has hit us hard. Beyond the obvious difficulties, our style choices have really faltered. But, you can go from sweatpants to presentable without too much work. Instead of cute trendy vibes, we have all been showing off our lazy looks with sweatpants and…

Express your Style with Jewellery – A Simple Guide

Express your Style with Jewellery – A Simple Guide

Jewellery has a history of millenniums; Cleopatra used to wear great pieces of jewelry to show her wealth and beauty. For me, jewelry is a way to express myself and indicate my style. In this article, you will discover my choices and style that may become a source of inspiration for you. Rings I own…

Mustard Yellow: The Sophisticated Color for Winter 2020/2021

Mustard Yellow: The Sophisticated Color for Winter 2020/2021

What better way to bring on the final winter months than with a sophisticated and bold top to brighten up your wardrobe? One of the more unique and trendy colors of 2020 was mustard yellow. The bright, bold color adds just enough “pop” to an outfit to bring it from drab and boring to fun…

Dark Fall Fashion - Discover the beauty of the black color

Dark Fall Fashions

As the weather changes and the sunny days give way to long nights and holidays surrounding spirits from beyond are upon us, it’s time to start dressing in your favorite dark fall fashions.  I have pieces like this in my wardrobe, and a stylish outfit for the season like it would be super easy for…

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