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Casual Fashion for Fall Autumn

The Fall Outfit To Look Classy and Trendy On The East Coast

As the leaves start to change and the weather cools down it is time to create a killer fall outfit. Let’s kick the tank tops to the curb for something a bit more seasonal. Think sweaters, long dresses, and boots. Fall is upon us on the east coast and that means it is time to find the perfect fall outfit that is trendy yet classic.

So far this autumn has been the perfect balance of chilly, but not too cold. This means fall outfits have even more versatility this year. I’d usually be stuck on fall sweaters and jeans. But, the warmer weather we’re seeing in the Northeast calls for a breezier fall outfit.

The Perfect Fall Outfit
full length fall outfit with green dress black jacket and boots with belt

Styling a slip dress is perfect for the warmer autumn days. And choosing a trendy seasonal color like forest green plays up the vibe of this fall outfit. The leg slit, cowl neck, and small white floral pattern add some nice feminine detailing. For a more casual feeling, you could toss on some white sneakers. Instead, to dress up this autumn outfit with something richer I went with suede black boots. Then, by adding a cropped black denim jacket to a light and silky piece like the dress, this classic 90’s look becomes a bit edgier for the autumn season.

Black and silver bet close-up of fall outfit
Even though slip dresses are often curve-hugging and form-fitting at the waist which makes a traditional fall outfit more flattering, I decided to play up the black and accentuate the waist with a black and silver belt. This doesn’t just help define the waist but also matches the silver buttons on the jacket which ties the whole outfit together.

Full length fall outfit with green dress jacket boots and belt alternate angle
Recreate This Look

Items to pull from your closet:
– a slip dress of midi or maxi length
– a black or dark denim cropped jacket
– black boots and a black belt
You can opt for any color slip dress that suits you, but I’d recommend something in green, deep blue, or lavender for this season’s top trends.

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