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Cute And Comfy Summer Outfits To Beat The Heat

Cute And Comfy Summer Outfits To Beat The Heat

The days are warming up and although that is a good thing, it also means we are sweating, we are sticking to our clothes, and trying our best to look presentable instead of like a sweaty mess.

We look forward to summer all year long, but once the heat takes over it can feel impossible to look cute while remaining comfortable. The good news is that as long as you have the right pieces in your wardrobe you can master the cute and comfy look this summer.

For a day of errands

Summer Outfits To Beat The Heat: Fashion Style For A Day Of Errands

A lightweight romper or playsuit is ideal for even the hottest summer days. It is a one and done look. Plus, they often look like a dress so you are giving off dressy vibes without the fear of a gust of wind blowing up your skirt.

Match any color romper with some supportive sandals to make a day of errands as easy as possible. And, don’t forget to grab a light sweater for when you’re running in and out of the bank, the supermarket, or anywhere else that is blasting the A/C.

For an event

Summer Outfits To Beat The Heat: Fashion Style For An Event

Picking an outfit for a nicer occasion in summer is so hard. You might think a short sundress is the way to go, but exposing your arms and legs directly to the sun can make you feel even more uncomfortable. Instead, opt for thin flowy pants. You can choose cropped ones like I have here or something that covers your feet.

Flowy pants may look hot from afar, but the silky material actually cools you down and gives you a much more polished look that something short. I added some flat sandals but strappy heels would dress up this look even more. As for the top, any simple blouse or shirt will do if your pants have a pattern.

For a date

Summer Outfits To Beat The Heat: Fashion Style For A Date

Whether you’re going on a road trip, a stroll on the boardwalk, or sitting on the patio at your favorite restaurant, you want to look great and feel great because confidence is key for a successful date.

You want to look semi-casual but not dumpy so try a dress that suits your body type. For me that is something that hugs my chest and flares out a bit. The high slit also allows for extra breeze on the hottest evenings. You could dress up a simple dress with sandals, but I chose simple tennis shoes so I’d be comfortable when walking long distances. Then top it off with a  denim jacket which is always a staple in summer when the nights cool off a bit.

Trust me, this outfit is ideal for a summer date. I actually wore this on my first date with my boyfriend.

With these cute and comfy outfits you’ll look and feel cool all summer long.

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