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Staying At Home Fashion

Staying At Home Fashion

The fashion of today means staying at home

The current global pandemic affected the whole way of how clothing and the fashion community have been operating. Shops are closed and shopping for clothing has moved online. As social distancing is underway, it means that there is really no change to show off clothes to others. However, new trends emerged and this article will show how fashion is still playing a huge role in everyday life. 

Face Mask

Even though opportunities to dress up have decreased, a new piece of clothing has become a hot topic. The cotton face mask has become a fashion accessory that everyone in the world is suddenly having to wear. Big fashion houses and brands have caught up with this trend and began sewing their own versions of face masks.

It needs to be mentioned that public figures had a significant influence on how face masks became fashionable. If you look at the first female president of Slovakia, President Caputova, she has coordinated all her formal clothing with a matching face mask. This encouraged people to wear face masks and also showed how it can be a great accessory to a whole outfit. 

To see more of how president Caputova coordinates her outfits, type into your search engine “President Caputova Facemask”.

Coronavirus 2020: Face Mask Fashion


Home clothing and workout clothes

Leggings, bathrobes, sweatpants, slippers, comfortable t-shirts. These are probably being worn the most. Workout clothes are trending because the only way to show off clothing is via social media and people are trying to stay fit at home. 

Staying At Home Fashion


When going outside, face masks are currently a health precaution, but also a fashion accessory. People are living mainly inside, and therefore opt to wear comfortable pieces of clothing.

My take on the corona style 2020 with a face mask looks like this:

Staying At Home Fashion Style

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