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Discover Outfits To Help You Transition From Winter To Spring

Outfits To Help You Transition From Winter To Spring

Spring is finally upon us. That means we can pack up our scarves, drop the puffer coats, and maybe even break out our pasty legs.

The thing is, although it is officially spring, the weather hasn’t exactly caught up. It can still be pretty chilly outside. So, instead of jumping right into floral skirts and sandals, I’ve created some outfit inspiration that will make your fashion transition from winter to spring easy and breezy.

For the chillier days

Outfits To Help You Transition From Winter To Spring: For The Chillier Days

On the spring days that feel more like fall, a chunky sweater can keep you warm and stylish. Try a bright color like yellow or pink to represent the season rather than something monochrome that works better in winter. Then, pair it with your favorite jeans. I would recommend something a bit more snug than boyfriend jeans to balance out the look so it isn’t too frumpy.

Some neutral-colored shoes that are easy to walk in will help to keep the sweater as the focus. To finish it off, add a lightweight and water-resistant jacket for an added layer of warmth and protection from those April showers. This jacket has a great shape that drapes nicely and has an adjustable waist so you don’t feel swallowed up by loose-fitting clothing.

For cozy days

Outfits To Help You Transition From Winter To Spring: For The Cozy Days


Some of the hottest colors of the season are lilac and sage green. A great and more unique way to incorporate colors like that into your outfit is with pants. You can go for trousers or something much cozier like joggers. The tightening at the ankle makes what are actually sweatpants look a whole lot more presentable. Top a colorful pant with your favorite graphic tee, but make sure it is cropped or tied at the waist to define your body shape.

Then, whoever said you can’t rock an oversized sweater in spring? No one. Toss on your softest sweater or cardigan and finish the look with some simple tennis shoes. Now you’re ready for brunch, a day of shopping, or just lounging around.

For a night out

Outfits To Help You Transition From Winter To Spring: For A Night Out
A night out with friends is the perfect way to break your legs out of their winter hibernation. But, it still isn’t quite warm enough for your spring dresses and wedge sandals. Instead of a bright floral you can opt for a more monochrome color palette and let your legs be the focal point of your look. A romper or dress with a defined waist is a great place to start.

The accessories are where this look goes from blah to beaming. Add a heeled bootie for some height. This will lengthen your legs while keeping your feet warm. Then a crossbody bag or clutch with some color adds a balance to the look. I opted for a maroon but if the base of your look is neutral enough any color will do. Finally, because it is the evening top this outfit with a faux leather jacket for a bit of warmth and edginess or a denim jacket for something lighter and more casual.

Now it is time for you to take these seasonal fashion suggestions and incorporate them into your next spring style.

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