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Fashion style: Beautiful girl in a bra styled top

Spring Fashion 2020

Trends that can be easily added to your wardrobe

Yes, you can finally start putting away all the bulky winter clothes and make room for some new spring items that will refresh your style. In this article, I will highlight two of the best Spring 2020 trends that have dominated designer’s collections on runways presented during February 2020 fashion shows and give you ideas on how to incorporate them in your own way.

1. Crochet

For the past few seasons, designers have looked for ways how to make their collections more sustainable and eco-friendly.

The first trend for spring 2020 is synonymous with the slow fashion movement- and it is no other than crotchet items. Crocheting is a slow and handmade process, where clothing items are made using a special hook that connects various types and numbers of loops of yarn materials.

From tops to dresses, cover ups, bikinis or accessories, crotchet pieces are without a doubt the hottest trend for this spring.

Spring Fashion 2020: Crochet Clothes

2. Bra styled tops

The next trend that will dominate this spring is wearing lingerie styled clothing as a part of daily outfits.

This is a cute trend, which is definitely perfect if you like to stand out and are not afraid of attention.

Pair your bralette or small crop top with a cardigan, high waisted bottoms or with oversized blazers. Chose from various materials, including silk, cotton or the above-mentioned crochet.

Spring Fashion: Bra styled tops

This spring, do not be afraid to show some skin!

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