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Discover wedding fashion styles: Wedding Dress Colors Other Than White That Pop - Pastel color

Wedding Dress Colors Other Than White That Pop

Wedding Dress Colors Other Than White That Pop

It’s the perfect day. The aisle is covered in flowers, family and friends all turn their heads to the back as the music starts playing – here comes the bride! The picture you have in your mind of the blushing bride will probably be slightly different: maybe there’s a veil, maybe the dress is big and poofy or tight-fitting and short, or maybe it’s a trendy pantsuit! One thing is for certain, the dress is white. But does it have to be?

There are many reasons to go with a wedding dress that isn’t your traditional white. Some women want to stand out, which is why different dress colors have been making waves in the fashion industry.



Black is the go-to option for brides who want to go against tradition or who want to stay classy. A black dress would match the groom, hide any stray drop of champagne, and be just as eye-catchy (if not more!) than the white dress.

Wedding Dress Colors: Black



Red is the color of passion tradition and is traditional in China and India. It can make even the most boring dress into an extravagant affair, especially if you pair it with red lace, silk, or gold embellishments. Bold colors require bold choices though, so the venue will need to match.

Wedding Dress Colors: Red



If bold just isn’t you – consider pastels. Any gentle shade: gold, pink, green, or blue pops and will look unique, yet still traditional.

Wedding Dress Colors: Pastel

The wedding day is as important for the bride, as for everyone involved. What she wears will be photographed and hung on a wall, stories will be told about it for decades to come, and the dress might even be passed down. Why settle for boring? Be proud of your personality with a dress to match.

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